Savoring the Flavors A Recipe for Seekh Kebab


Hey there! Are you ready to feast on the world’s best kebab? These seekh kebabs require minimal effort and are drool-worthy. You need just 35 minutes to make these. Watch the video to believe it!

With regards to ground meat kebabs, sheep or hamburger seekh kebab are the juiciest. I love these kebabs, and here is my interpretation of Pakistan’s most renowned kebab.

Seekh kebab are customarily barbecued on metal sticks. Turkish merchants introduced seekh kabab to unified India. They are made of minced meat, onion, ginger, and a couple of Indian flavors. Serve them with naan, chutneys, sauces, and side dishes.


  • These seekh kebab can be barbecued, sautéed, or heated.
  • Serving seekh kebab at gatherings or potlucks is smart as they are not difficult to prepare and handy to eat.
  • You can easily prepare the kebabs ahead of time and freeze them for up to 3 to 6 months to save time.


Let’s look at the ingredients needed to make these juicy succulent seekh kebab.

Ground Meat With Fat: To make the kebabs moist and delicate, I use hamburger that has sufficient fat to keep the kebabs delicious. Be that as it may, assuming I just have lean hamburger, I add a tablespoon of margarine to compensate for the absence of fat.
Onion: I likewise hack an onions and add it to the hamburger blend this adds pleasantness and moisture to the kebabs.
Ginger, garlic, stew: I favor minced, the paste is fine too.
Baking pop: This ingredient assists the kebabs with getting a crisp finish outwardly and functions admirably as a meat tenderizer.
Entire Coriander, Cumin seeds: I toast coriander and cumin seeds in a dish as it assists with balancing out the lavishness of the meat and make an all the more balanced flavor. This step is additional effort however totally worth the effort.
Garam masala: You can make your own garam masala or buy it pre-made.
Cilantro, Mint: These spice adds newness and upgrades the flavor and smell of the kebabs.

Step by Step Instructions to make it

1.On medium intensity, toast entire cumin and coriander until fragrant.
2.Pound the cumin and coriander in a mortar or zest grinder.
3.Add every one of the ingredients to marinate seekh kebab in a bowl and blend it well.
4.Grind the meat combination in a chopper.

5.Massage the ground meat combination with margarine. Protip: This step homogenizes the combination for rolling and stops breaking.
6.Oil your hand with oil. Partition the combination into 14 equivalent bits. Then with the assistance of a pencil or chopstick fold the meat blend into long cylindrical kebabs.
7.Essentially cook kebab on medium intensity for 2-3 minutes until to see brilliant imprints on all sides. You can serve it right away or smoke it with a piece of charcoal for its customary fragrance and flavors.
8.Partake in these mouth-watering seekh kebabs with naan and your favorite chutney.


  • Pan-fried Method: I suggest this method as you can broil kebab at the same time while rolling it. Simply take 1 tablespoon of oil in a nonstick pan and broil kebab in little groups with sufficient space in the pan to move kebab for cooking.
  • Barbecued Method: The best and most conventional method to make these seekh kebab is grilling on a grill pit. Utilize squared-pole molded metal sticks. Turn kebab over it. Barbecue it until brilliant and brush oil over kebab depending on the situation.
  • Baked Method: Preheat stove t0 350 F. Put moved kebab on a meal or baking sheet and oil with little oil.
    Prepare on the center rack for 20 minutes until variety changes and cook completely. You can eat kebab straightforwardly or pan-singe it for a brilliant variety. I don’t suggest broiling as it can dry out kebab and overcook it.


seekh kebab can make a total dinner, serve it with some new plate of mixed greens stacked with thinly cut onions, mint chutney, and naan. And you are set for a party. You can likewise overlay into a paratha with chutney and onion cut to make a paratha roll. I’m now drooling


To obtain the best outcomes, marinate the meat blend for the time being. To do this, essentially combine the ground meat with the wide range of various ingredients in a bowl, cover the bowl, and spot it in the refrigerator.

The flavors have the opportunity to grow for the time being, resulting in additional tasty and delicate kebabs.

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